Urdu poets and writers on Facebook by Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.(The directory is edited by Muslim Saleem, who is poet, writer and journalist of repute. Muslim Saleem’s ash’ar are widely popular due to being connected with grassroots. Friends, this directory is being launched exclusively for the Urdu poets and writers active on Facebook. Names, brief resumes and photographs of such litterateurs will be included in the director when they send their entries in Unicode Urdu or Roman Urdu to :-

(email: saleemmuslim@gmail.com
phone 0755 2730580 Mob: 09009217456) 

Muslim Saleem’s Taza Kalam


Urdu poets and writers on Facebook by Muslim Saleem

Abida Rahmani (USA)


Ahad Prakash (Bhopal)


Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi

Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi is an eminent poet of classical Urdu Languge/poetry. He was born on 25th of Dec.1954 in Azamgarh (U.P.). He completed his education both from Shibli National College Azamgarh and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He completed his Masters in Urdu & Persian as also degree in education and topping that with a doctorate in modern /classical Persian from the Centre of African & Asian Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU) in the year 1996.He has travelled as part of his study tour  to many countries including Iran and Afghanistan. Presently he is serving as Translator-cum-Announcer (T/A incharge), in Persian service of the External Services Division of All India Radio, New Delhi. Dr.Barqi Azmi is devoted to the cause of furthering Urdu language through his rendering of Urdu poetry in general as well as “Topical Poetry “on various issues  of National and International prominence. For example a series of couplets titled “Yaad e RaftagaaN”-a poetic tribute to living and deceased Urdu poets including the stalwarts/legends like Wali Dakkini, Meer Taqi Meer, Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Allama Shibli, Sir Syed and Faiz to name just a few. He is also well known for writing on such issues as: natural disasters like the 2004 Tsunami, 2011,Japan earthquake, scientific expeditions, on health topics like Polio & AIDS etc, environmental issues like pollution, Global Warming and also on UN mandated International Days(World Earth Day, Mothers Day, International Science Day etc).Dr.Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi has not only brought spotlight for his native Azamgarh but also his Alma meter Dayar e Shibli also known as Shibli National  College. His collection of poetry is easily accessible on Internet on various Urdu Websites & facebook.Here is a link of his personal websites: http://www.drbarqiazmi.com , http://drbarqiazmi.yolasite.com. He can be contacted on mobile No. +919868894385.

ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی کی موضوعاتی شاعری : ڈاکٹر غلام شبیر رانا

 اردو ادب میں موضوعاتی شاعری پر بہت کم توجہ دی گئی ہے .قلی قطب شاہ سے لے کر ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی تک اردو میں موضوعاتی  شاعری نے جو ارتقائی سفر طے کیا ہے اس کا جائزہ لینے سے یہ حقیقت روز روشن کی طرح واضح ہو جاتی ہے کہ موضوعاتی شاعری نے اب ایک مضبوط اور مستحکم روایت کی صورت اختیار کر لی ہے .اس رجحان کو انجمن پنجاب کی خیال پرور اور فکر انگیز شاعری سے بے پناہ تقویت ملی .آقائے اردو مولانا محمد حسین آزاد کی مساعی سے اردو میں‌موضوعاتی شاعری کو ایک اہم مقام ملا.اس کے بعد یہ روایت مسلسل پروان چڑھتی رہی .عالمی شہرت کے حامل نامور شاعر محسن بھوپالی کا ایک شعری مجموعہ “موضوعاتی شاعری ” کے نام سے آج سے پندرہ برس پہلے شائع ہو چکا ہے .اس سے یہ صداقت معلوم ہو تی ہے کہ روشن خیال ادیبوں ،دانشوروں اور شاعروں نے موضوعاتی شاعری کی اہمیت کو تسلیم کرتے ہوئے اس صنف میں طبع آزمائی کی .مجھے یہ جان کر خوشی ہوئی کہ ممتاز ادیب ،شاعر ،دانشور ،نقاد اور محقق ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی نے اردو کی موضوعاتی شاعری پر بھر پور توجہ دی ہے .ان کی شاعری کے متعدد نمونے میرے سامنے ہیں .وہ جس موضوع پر قلم اٹھاتے ہیں اسے لا زوال بنا دیتے ہیں .ان کا اختصاص یہ ہے کہ وہ عظیم تخلیق کاروں کو منظوم خراج تحسین پیش کر کے ان کے بارے میں مثبت شعور و آگہی پرواں چڑھانے کی مقدور بھر سعی کرتے ہیں .اس میدان میں ان کی مساعی اپنی مثال آپ ہیں .جس انداز میں وہ اپنے موضوع پر طبع آزمائی کرتے ہیں اوروں سے وہ  تقلیدی طورپر بھی ممکن نہیں.اس لا زوال اور ابد آشنا شاعری میں کوئی ان کا شریک اور سہیم دکھائی نہیں دیتا.مرزا اسداللہ خان غالب ،میر تقی میر ،احمد فراز،پروین شاکر،فیض احمد فیض ،سید صادقین نقوی،مظفر وارثی اور متعدد عظیم تخلیق کاروں کو ڈاکٹر احمد علی برقی اعظمی نے جس خلوص  اور دردمندی سے خراج تحسین پیش کیا وہ نہ صرف ان کی عظمت فکر کی دلیل ہے بلکہ اس طرح ان کا نام جریدہ عالم پر ہمیشہ کے لیے ثبت ہو گیا ہے .ان کا اسلوب ان کی ذات ہے .وہ انسانی ہمدردی کے  بلند ترین منصب پر فائز ہیں .کسی کا دکھ درد دیکھ کر وہ تڑپ اٹھتے ہیں اور فی البدیہہ موضوعاتی شاعری کے ذریعے وہ تزکیہ نفس کی متنوع صورتیں تلاش کر کے ید بیضا کا معجزہ دکھاتے ہیں.ان کی موضوعاتی شاعری کا تعلق کسی ایک فرد،علاقے یا نظریے سے ہر گز نہیں ان کی شاعری میں جو پیغام ہے اس کی نوعیت آفاقی ہے اور وہ انسانیت کے ساتھ روحانی وابستگی اور قلبی انس کا بر ملا اظہار کرتے ہیں .ان کا یہ اسلوب انھیں ممتاز اور منفرد مقام عطا کرتا ہے .ان کے بار احسان سے اردو داں طبقے کی گردن ہمیشہ خم رہے گی . انھوں نے تہذیبی اور ثقافتی اقدار کو اشعارکے قالب میں ڈھال کر  وہ معرکہ آرا  کارنام انجام دیا ہے جو تاریخ ادب میں آب زرسے لکھا جائے گا.


Dr. Azam, Bhopal


Anand Lahar: Plot No. 19, Bakhshi Nagar, Jammu


Azhar Buksh, Nagpur


Aziz Nabeel: Poet: He was born on June 26, 1976 at Mumbai. His forefathers belong to Mau Aima, Allahabad. He is living in Doha, Qatar for the last 11 years. He is the general secretary of Anjuman Muhibban-e-Urdu, Qatar. Email: aziznabeel@yahoo.com, mobile No. 00974 55296335. Mailing address: 1. Warehouse, P&D Division, Qatar Steel, PO Box Number 50090, Messaieed, Qatar. 2. A Wing, First Floor, Bagh-e-Burhani, Killat Nagar, Bhiwandi, Thane (Maharashtra-India).


Chandrabhan Khayal: He was born on April 30, 1946 at Babai in Hoshangabad. In recent years, he has emerged as leading poet of Urdu Nazm and regarded as a giant among non-Muslim poets in line with Pt Daya Shankar Naseem, Pt Labburram Josh Malsiyani, Dr. Jagannath Azad and Raghupati Sahai Firaq Gorakhpuri. Babai is a place where Urdu teaching facilities were not available. Therefore, Khayal acquired the knowledge of Urdu through self-reading. After graduation he reached Delhi where he came into contact with Pt Ramkrishna Muztar Kakodwi, under whose guidance he became an expert of Urdu. In the early years, he used to writer poetry under the pseudonym ‘Chandra’ but later changed it to ‘Khayal’ on the suggestion of Firaq Gorakhpuri At present, he is the vice-chairman of Council for Promotion of Urdu Language in India at New Delhi. (Also see his entry in Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh at this site) Best couplets:

Parbat se utar kar chali jangal mein hawa tez

Main bhi usi raftaar se kuchh door chala tez

Phir dhoop mein saayon ke huey sainkdon tukde

Phir waqt ki talwar ko suraj ne kiya tez

Inhen mandir banana hai, unhen masjid banana hai

Koi sunta naheen unki, jinhen ik ghar banana hai

(biodata of Chandrabhan Khayal sb updated on April 18, 2015)

Name                   : CHANDER BHAN KHAYAL

Adress for

Correspondence    : H. No – 23, Gali No 14 – B, Kaushik

Enclave, Burari Extn., Delhi – 110084

Date of birth             : 30-04-1946

Place of Birth           : BABAi, Distt. Hoshangabad (M.P)


Father            : Late Shri Kunjilal Bhagoria

Mother           :  Late Smt. Ajudhdhi Bai

Wife               : Smt Radha  Khayal

Sons                 :  Sangharsh, Utkarsh, Akarsh and Nishkarsh

Education                  : B.A from Sagar University ( M.P. )

Language’s Known    : Urdu, English, Hindi, Sanskrit,

Bundeli is his mother Tongue.

Career                         : Journalism

Worked for several years in Udru Dailies “Savera” and “Tej” as a Sub Editor.

Worked with Urdu Daily “Quami Awaz” New Delhi as a Senior correspondent since 1983 to 2006

At present – Chief Editor of Hindi Weekly “Bhavya Bharat Times” New Delhi.

Books published          : 1 A collection of poems “Sholon Ka Shajar” (1979 ).

: 2 A  collection of poems “Gumshuda Admi Ka Intezar” (1996)

  1. Kumar Pashi – Ek Intakhab, (1997, published by Delhi Urdu Academy).
  2. Laulak ( A long poem based on holy life of  “Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SAW) 2002.
  3. A collection of poems in Hindi “Sulagti Soch ke Saye” (2008)
  4. A collection of poem Subh –E-Mashriq ki Azan (2008).
  5. Kuliyat-E-Kumar Pashi (Published by Council for Promotion of Urdu language, 2012)
  6. EHSAS KI AANCH ( Selected Poems) 2015.

Awards and Honours

Received                        : 1. U.P. Urdu Academy Award for Poetry.

  1. Sheri Bhopali Award of M.P. Urdu Academy for Poetry
  1. Delhi Urdu Academy Award for Poetry
  1. Nai Awaz, New Delhi Award for Poetry (Lailak)
  1. New Face, New Delhi Award for Poetry
  1. All India Unani Tibbi Conference Award for National integration
  1. Makhan Lal Chaturvedi Rashtriya samman (M.P.)
  1. Special Award by International prophetic poetry conference (Iran)
  1. Hindi Urdu Sahitya Sangam Award, Lucknow (U.P.)
  1. Tagore Literature Award, 2010 by Sahitya Academy & Samsung India (Subh-E- Mashriq Ki Azan).
  2. Iqbal Samman (2009-10) by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.

Positions held

:  1. Hony. Secretary of World Urdu conference  (1988)

  1. Member, Governing council of Delhi Udru Academy  for two teams
  2. Member Panel of Judges for International Award of Anjuman-e-Farogh – e- Urdu, Doha (Qatar).
  3. Member, Urdu Advisory Board, Sahitya Academy New Delhi (2008 to 2012)

5.Vice Chairman of National Council for Promotion of Urdu language

Govt. of India from February 2008 to 2011

  1. Convener, Urdu Advisory Board, Sahitya Academy New Delhi (2013 to 2017)
  2. Member, General Council and Executive Board,

Sahitya Academy Nw Delhi  (2013 to 2017)

  1. Member Urdu Advisory Board, National Book Trust of India, New Delhi
  2. Member of Various other Literary and cultural bodies in the capital

In the field of Literature and culture

: A notable well known Urdu Poet of the Sub-continent.

: Since last forty five years tirelessly dedicated to the cause of Development , Advancement and refinement of the National cultural and literary   scene

articipated important All India & Aalmi Mushairas throughout the Country  including historical  Lal Quila Mushaira on Republic Day.

articipated international Mushaira at Doha (Qatar)

:  Participated  international conference on Prophetic at Mashad (Iran)\

:  Participated  international Urdu Conference as a chief  guest at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

: Participated % presided over  an international Mushaira at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

:Have been widely acclaimed as a Poet, Critic, commentator and participated in Radio and T.V. programmes, literary seminars, study circles and also taking part in various other intellectual and cultural activities.

Telephone     : 011- 27611051

Mobile          : 9971903035

E-mail           : cbkhayal@gmail.com


Faheem Jogapuri: Poet: Born on March 12, 1956 to Shaikh Raheemullah Siddiqui and Mrs Masoom Jannat. Did his MA in Urdu. Profession: Business. Books Naved-e-Sahar and Adhoori Baat. Mobile: 9431218363


Fuqan Sambhali (See details in Urdu poets and writers Allahabad on http://www.poetswritersofurdu.blogspot.com)


Imran Rifat, Mumbai


Javed Akhtar: See details on Urdu poets and writers of India on Khojkhabarnews.com. Address: Javed Akhtar, 702, Sagar Samrat,  Greenfield,  Juhu,  Mumbai-49.  mobile No.  09820184645


Jatinder Parwaaz: Is a young Urdu poet. He lives in village Shahpur Kandi, Tehsil – Pathankot, Punjab, India – 145029, ( Mobile Number in Delhi – 09868985658). Details can be seen on the blog http:// jatinderparwaaz.blogspot.com.


Munawwar Rana: Is one of the most popular poets of Mushayaras across the country. A native of Rae Bareli, Rana grew up in Kolkata. His simple language, the idiom of North India and the generous use of Hindi words, are among the reasons for his popularity.Rana has attained wide acclaim for his couplets on ‘maa’ (Mother). There has been criticism of his poetry that has been termed an ‘emotional blackmail’ and ‘tukbandi’, but he connects with the crowd. Some couplets.

Hum kuchh aise tere diidaar mein kho jaate hain

jaise bachche bhare baazaar mein kho jaate hain

naye kamron mein ab cheezen puraani kaun rakhtaa hai

parindoN ke liye shahron mein paani kaun rakhtaa hai


Muslim Saleem: Born November 1, 1950 at Shahabad, Hardoi (UP) and brought up & educated in Aligarh. Residing in Bhopal since 1979. Started career as journalist in Aftab-e-Jadeed (Urdu). Later switched to Hindi and finally English journalism. His couplets are famous as written by unknown poet. He won the Yaad-e-Basit tarhi mushayara in 1982. His ghazals and short stories have been published in Shair, Ahang, Asri Adab, Agai, Naya Daur, Sada-e-Urdu, Nadeem and many other periodicals and magazines. Best couplets:

  1. Kaun hai is shahr mein mujh se zyaada baakhabar

Mujh ko saare bewafaaon ke patey maloom hain

  1. Taqdeer ki mujh se yunhi takraar chalegi

Main saaye mein baithhoon gaa to deewar chale gi

  1. deo qaamat wo shajar jab tez aandhi mein gira

pasta-qad jitne they paudey sab qad-aawar ho gaye


Qamar Sambhali: Nai Sadak, Delhi, Cell: 09871654885 asdffsd


Rafeeq Shaheen: Taalim Manzil, Marris Road, Aligarh, 202002,


Saeed Khan Charagh, Shipuri


Saleem Akhrer,Former Teacher/Lecturer at Nusrat Jehan Boys College Rabwah – NJBC,Past: Al-Huda Model College,Studied at Taleem ul Islam College Rabwah.  Past: T.I High school Rabwah. He is fromRabwah, Pakistan


Shamshad Shaad, Nagpur


Shahjahan Shad, Gujarat, India.


Shakir Ali, Shipuri




Shamsur Rahman Faruqi: Born on 30 September 1935, Faruqi obtained an MA in English from the University of Allahabad in 1955. He entered the Indian Postal Service in 1958 and retired in 1994. Faruqi is a critic, poet, fiction writer and translator. He has also written a novel ‘Ka’i Chad They Sar-e-Asman’. His stories, “Safar Aur Dusre Afsane” have also been published. His study of the Dastan of Amir Hamza has come out in three volumes and the fourth is under preparation.***********************************************************

Sher Bahadur Akhtar (Datia – UP)



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