Modi read speech from teleprompter, US media confirms

New Delhi / Washington. Modi was all praise for his speech in the US Congress. English Prime Minister’s speech on social media and among other posts. Modi said that the effective speeches in Hindi, so their grip on English, so he spoke in English in the US Congress, but only after some time speech viral on social media, a picture said.

According to the picture, to speak to Prime Minister used the teleprompter. As shown in the picture in the US Congress, Modi speaking teleprompter right and on the left were engaged. A few hours later, media reports said the picture right.

ISRO had in the first experiment: According to the news teleprompter Modi first use was during the launch of ISRO PSLV. Then the Prime Minister would give a speech in English, there often use the teleprompter.

He specializes in speech teleprompter reading: The biggest danger is that the use of the teleprompter during his speech on the words of the speaker puts more focus. The fact that he fails to notice that the speaker is telling the viewer to understand him or not. Though Modi has mastered this art. Vee using it are able to convince your audience of your point.

Cheat teleprompter when he ate: The Prime Minister once deceived teleprompter. In 2015, Sri Lankan President Matripala Sirisena visited India with his wife. Modi had used teleprompter for their reception. He welcomed the fact that the accident happened Sirisena was speaking, and gave the wife of Matripala MRS (MRS) Sirisena said, while he was speaking Mrs. Sirisena.

Teleprompter such works: It is difficult to catch the latest version of the teleprompter. Sitting in front of the audience do not see it because it is transparent from a side. Is only visible to the person standing behind the teleprompter. As the speaker will read the words on the teleprompter, so he’ll be scrolling down. The operator controls the speed of the scrolling teleprompter lives. He is down to the speed of the speaker.

During the speech from the speaker sees a teleprompter. It seems that he is looking at the audience. Speed ​​operator in view of the speaker’s speech is to control speed. As soon as the speaker pauses for a moment, then slowly or even reduces the speed of the scrolling operator.

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