Muslim SaleemAzhar Buksh is one of those Urdu poets and writers who believe more in serving Urdu than projecting himself or taking monetary advantage of it. His biggest service to Urdu is his book “Nikhar”. The book is very handy for those wishing to learn Urdu through Hindi. The 306 page book contains a Hindi-Urdu dictionary as well as lessons of practice to learn Urdu. The book also contains brief biographies of legendary Urdu poets and writers INCLUDING MUSLIM SALEEM. 

Azhar Buksh – a brief introduction

Azhar Buksh was born at Betul Madhya Pradesh on April 20, 1952. He was a higher officer in Indian Ministry of Sports from year1988 to 2010. He retired as Deputy Director Sports from Mumbai in year 2012. He has been serving Urdu throughout his life. His books include Tohfa (Urdu) 1998, 1857 Ki Gaurav Gadhayen ( Pehli Jang-e-Azadi Ki Twareeh) (Hindi) 2007) Sanket-2005 (Government schemes) and Nikhar.

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