Urdu poets and writers of Karnataka by Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazals at Jashn-e-Muslim Saleem at MP Urdu Academy, Bhopal on December 30, 2012.

(The poetry portion of this site is edited by Muslim Saleem, who is poet, writer and journalist of repute. Muslim Saleem’s ash’ar are widely popular due to being connected with grassroots. It was his idea that we created this directory of Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh-Chief Editor,Ataullah Faizan and Editor (Abdul Ahad Farhan) (See Muslim Saleem’s poetry with English and Hindi translations at this web site, muslimsaleem.blogspot.com and muslimsaleem.wordpress.com) Email: muslimsaleem@rediffmail.com mobiles: 9009217456, 9893611323 phone 0755-2730580. Muslim Saleem is an alumni of Aligarh Muslim University and is DCE of Hindustan Times, Bhopal. Related directories: Urdu poets and writers of India and Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh on khojkhabarnews.com’s poetry section)

(Note the list of deceased litterateurs in the end of this directory) Urdu poets and writers of Karnataka

Karnataka ke aduaba-o-shuara


Hakeem Mohammad Imam Imami

(also Hakim Muhammad Imam Imami): He is regarded as Baba-e-Urdu of Karnataka. He was born in Chintamani taluka of Mysore district in 1935  and died in 2000.*******************************************************************

Razzaq Asar Shahabadi









































Prof Saleema Kolur

Prof Saleema KolurHOD Urdu associate professor at Karnataka Arts College Dharwad. Born 10 May 1966, Studied Graduation And caligraphy in urdu at Nehru Arts and Science College, HUBLI, Went to Anglu urdu girls high school hubli. Lives in Dharwad. From Hubli






Sabir Shahabadi

Sabir Shahabadi*********************************************************************

Sajid Hameed

Karnataka Sajid Hameed*********************************************************************

Saleem Tamannai

Saleem Tamannai was an exemplary prose writer and great patron of Urdu in Karnataka. His style of Urdu prose writing gave him a special status in the literary field. He was a research scholar, portrait writer and drama writer of a high standard. Saleem Tamannai had dedicated himself for the cause of Urdu and its development across the state. He was a top level research scholar.


Sameera H. Khalili

Sameera H. Khalili, Urdu short-story writer (wife of a known poet and short-story writer Nazim Khalili of Raichur).



Shaida Roomani


Syed Shah Abdul Quddus Qadri


Zia Roomani. Short story writer. Worked at Al-Ameen Education Society, Kolar. Attended Al-Ameen Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan PU College, Kolar. Lives in Kolar, Karnatak, India. Mobile No. 0919036856550

Zia Roomani book cover

Muslim Saleem tabsira on Zia Roomani.1

Muslim Saleem tabsira on Zia Roomani.2Muslim Saleem tabsira on Zia Roomani.3Muslim Saleem tabsira on Zia Roomani.4******************************************************************

Other poets

Nayeem Iqbal, ( famous Novelist, and younger brother of Saleem Tamannai, Hafiz Karnataki, Qazi Anisul Haque, retired deputy director general of Doordarshan, Delhi, Syed Ahmed Isar, Asad Ezaz, Dr. Rahi Fidai, Zia Karnataki, Faiyaz Quraishi, Prof. Abdul Majeed Khan, Shafiq Aabdi, Munir Ahmed Jami, Milansar Ather etc. and from the women group Dr. Halima Firdous, Dr. Mahnoor Zamani Begum, Shaista Yousuf, Dr. Yasmeen Mohammedi Begum, and Farida Rahmatulla etc.

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