Meet this 5 years old girl who is fan of Salman Khan, wants to marry him

oMeet this 5 years old girl who is fan of Salman Khan Salman Khan is one of the most desired bachelors in Bollywood. Not only grown ups, but young girls have also been seen expressing their love for the Dabangg Khan. And now, a five-year-old fan of his Radhya Sahi wants to marry the superstar.
Salman Khan shared the picture of this young girl riding in the lap of Anushka Sharma on a motor cycle. He has also releasedd a video in which the girl is telling her mother about her wish of marrying the actor. In the video, when asked by her mother why she wanted to marry Salman, the girl replies, “because I want him to be my husband.”
Salman wrote “So Sweet” while sharing this video on his Facebook page.

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