Who is responsible for breaking Islamic unity? Answer Wahabi movement!!!

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Bhopal, July 16, 2016

For 1350 years we were an Ummah with only a few sects. Al Sunnat Wal Jama’at and Shias were the 2 major sects. There were followers of 4 Imams in Al Sunnat Wal Jama’at who were practicing Islam on the Fiqh (understanding) of these Islam. But they were not at loggerheads. Followers of one sect used to offer Namaz in the leadership of a person of another sect when necessary. All was hunky and dory in Islam. Islamic reign was at its zenith under Usmani caliphate.

But, then you Wahabis emerged as biggest fitna for the then united Muslim Ummah 150 years ago.

First you dismantled the biggest Muslim regime Usmani caliphate by giving slogan of pan-Arabism in collaboration of the British forces backed by Jews. You destroyed the regime and divided into many countries. Because of your unholy alliance with British forces and Jews, a country named Israel came into existence.

Then you declared entire Muslim communities of that time as Kaafir and Mushrik. You killed thousands of Muslims in Makkah and Madina and raped Muslim women for 3 days.

Since then till date, you are doing the same things throughout the world. You spare Christians and Jews and target Muslims of other sects. You kill them during namaz in Masjids. You blast mosques, mausoleums and graves and call it real Islam.

Listen! We are not least impressed by you. Rather we hate you for what you have been misinterpreting Islam and misguiding Muslims. You are blot on the name of Islam. Due to you people of other religions think that Islam is a religion of terrorism.

If you wish to unite Muslims, at least first declare them Muslims and not Mushriks and Kaafir. If not so, you cannot have unity with us.


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