Entire family of 20 persons converts to Islam in Haryana

In Panchkulah city of  Haryana (India) an entire family of 20 persons have converted to Islam, One of the family members Shubham Sardana stated that his parents, his family, sisters, aunt, uncle and cousin all together decided to accept Islam. The four families collectively left Hinduism by their choice because of the injustice of their Hindu brothers and embraced Islam having been impressed by the principles of justice in Islam.

This was the case

Said Sunil Sunil brother Shubham Makkar discretion, Makar and his wife a policy sub-inspector (City Hisar police station) was forced to commit suicide. Due to which the DGP office Slfas Sunil tried to commit suicide by swallowing.

sunilSunil Panchkula Police have registered a case under section 309 against, but also accused discretion, 10 days after passage, Satbir Singh against a policy and to force him to suicide, no case of trouble not recorded and are still roaming charges while police filed Sunil as the whole family was in prison.

Sunil’s family said 2 and September 3, Sector 6, Panchkula outside DGP office peacefully sat on dharna. The family of Sunil Manohar Lal Khattar met in the written complaint. CM had assured that action will be taken soon. Sunil’s family had not taken due to continued picketing.

The OSD to Chief Minister on September 3 Bhuneshwar Dayal met and apprised them of the situation. He was assured that today (3 September), the Chief Minister House in the evening will be called to solve your problem. According to the OSD to CM Abhimanyu kin 8 am on 3 September quarter was called by calling the CM House.

As soon as we arrived at the gate of the CM House, Sector 5, Panchkula police then SHO Lalit Kumar, ACP Dilip Kumar, ASI staff were present, including God. Descending from the Panchkula police surrounded us in our car and the sister of Sunil Sapphire, light, brother Shubham, brother and uncle King Rajendra forcibly brought Panchkula sit in the police car.

Panchkula police had no reason to arrest them. The police threatened the family brought to the police station, Panchkula intimidated if that were not returned, so many cases will be made. According to him, the police have registered a case of false 7/51.

Subsequently, he was in court. When our lawyer and family members tried to get the bail, the bail proceedings ACP Kumar left hanging in a false case and he had 5 days in jail. Family bailed by police on September 9.

Governor and Chief Minister of the families that had moved into the Special Investing Team (Crime Branch) Sunil reexamine the suicide of the accused to force conscience, be a policy and Satbir file a case because Sunil ADGP suicide note was transferred to the names of the accused are written clearly.

Filed a false case on the family immediately sought to dismiss. According to family members that he is afraid of the Panchkula police unethical action again posted or are even scared to go CM House.

He also wrote to the chief of police in Chandigarh, Panchkula police demanded that proceedings against officials who may have illegally entered his residence in Chandigarh arrested, including women from the family.

The Panchkula police had to arrest them, the Chandigarh police could also be supported. Panchkula police to suppress our voice and we arrested violated the border.

A total of 12 people, four families have changed their religion. Hisar is a cleric had converted us to read to Kalma. Registered it shall soon go to Delhi. – Shubham Sardana.

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