Main marna naheen chahati thi papa

Main marna naheen chahati thi papa Jhajjar. Jhajjar in Haryana in a case of a married woman’s suicide said. Being told that woman disturbed by her in-laws and locked himself in the room and gave his life by the noose. Police have registered a case against the accused laws. Personal stories of atrocities mentioned in the diary ….
– Sweetie deceased people that was on the top stories of oppression are also written in the last 6 years it was filled.
– Monday, a panel of doctors autopsy of the body was sweetie sweetie to doctors during the same clothing suicide note was found.
– Doctors have given to the families of suicide note, sweetie. Sweetie has two children. These two and a half year old girl and 6 year old boy ayushi discretion.
Sweety’s brother said, since marriage was troubled sister
– In this case sweetie Kuldeep’s brother Ajit and says that a few days after the wedding of his sister was only to be bullied. Dowry demands had grown.
Autopsy of the bodies, referred to Family
– Was informed that 7 years ago Posted in Muscle Force Pramod Singh’s daughter’s wedding was from Sweetie. Pramod is still on vacation till July 29.
– Sweetie and her husband had such a rift that he committed suicide with a noose off you in the room. Even when the mighty father was at home at the time it happened.
– Alert the police arrived at the scene. FSL team collected evidence from the scene by police. Sweetie police assigned to the bodies of the family after the autopsy.

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