Bhains ke gosht ko gaye ka bataa kar 2 Muslim aurton se maarpeet

beefMandsaur, Madhya Pradesh: Women beaten up allegedly by members of radical group

They had been detained by police allegedly for smuggling 30 kg of beef

Local doctors who examined the meat, said it was from buffalos

Two Muslim women were beaten up on Tuesday, allegedly by the members of a Hindu radical group, at Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur railway station on Tuesday.

The women were attacked after being detained by the police, who had received a tip-off that they were carrying beef. They were allegedly bringing the beef from Jaora, meaning to sell it in Mandsaur.

Though the women had been arrested, a group of people started beating them up and abusing them verbally.

In an eye-witness video, a huge crowd is seen cornering the women, who literally have their backs to a wall. As the crowd screams and raises slogans, a few women are seen slapping and punching the two women till one of them falls. A few police officers are seen asking the crowd to keep their distance.

This continued for nearly half-an-hour after which the police managed to take the women to the police station.

Police sources said 30 kg of meat has been recovered from them.

Local doctors who examined the meat, said it was from buffaloes.

The police have produced the women in court for smuggling of buffalo meat, they have been remanded in judicial custody.

No action, however, has been taken against the men and women who publicly assaulted the women at the railway station.

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