Does Rajnikanth copy Shatrughan Sinha

RajnikanthHe’s basking in all the attention, applauds and hefty box-office collections with his recent release Kabali. And just as the nation, especially the South of India broke into a frenzy for the Thalaiva’s latest release. Or for that matter for all his releases. While his fans go crazy over the actor, here’s a secret many would not know of and would blow your mind off.

The actor has garnered fan following for his style and mannerisms which are known to be his original. But now, it’s learnt that the superstar’s mannerisms are actually not his original, but borrowed ones!

According to a source, Rajinikanth is heavily influenced from Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha. Elaborates the inside, “Remember the famous cigarette flip action of Rajinikanth? He gets a lot of applauds from his fans, but that action was originally done by Shatrughan in one of his films.”

For those who find this piece of information unbelievable, the actor once confessed it in an interview himself by saying – “I consider Shatrughan Sinhaji as my teacher because when I was young I was highly motivated by Shatruji’s screen charisma.”

In fact, it’s said that Rajinikanth used to repeatedly watch Shatrughan’s movies like Rampur Ka Laxman, Mere Apne, Dost among others umpteen times to grab the nuances of Shatrughan’s mannerisms and gestures.

The source also informs that apart from Rajini there are three other South biggie actors who keep Shatru in high regards. “Once a year all four of them meet and salute Shatrughan Sinha’s contribution towards the India cinema,” signs off the source.

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