Man installs CCTV in wife’s private room

privateJhajjar. Dozens of women in a family in Jhajjar district of Haryana on Tuesday came on the road began to protest. The case-law of the torture, but the police has not acted properly in this case allegedly raised the matter. Married to the 11 am to 5 pm at the Mini Sekriteriatt police staged against. Learn another case, …
– Resident of Jhajjar Kharkhauda Meenakshi said a year ago, their marriage was with Yashvir. After marriage, she began to be harassed for dowry.
– He is going to court in the case. He is staying in-laws. When her husband takes away with the other. Never leave open the tap water is turned over. I tend to break locks.
– Now, he felt at home, broke the electric meter. At night, he suddenly entered the house with the others and takes assault.
– Women on the phone to call the police control room does not arise. It is also called the ever raised so you have to work everyday.
– The woman said she is the only woman in the house, but police did not help. There is also a female police complaint, he works under the influence of the accused. The status of the accused are growing courage. After 7 days old in the case filed a fresh complaint with the police.
Married and family members are unable to sit in the car

– Married women had some other serious charges leveled at police, but the senior officials listened standing on the sidelines.
– Day efforts to convince the woman, but he did not have to take them forcibly, including thirst, but after dozens of police officers and other women could not control it.
– Eventually the police put them in the car stopped in the middle of the campaign.
Married imposed on police accused of collusion

– Married complains that her private room and she put her husband CCTV monitors. It is interfering in his private life.
– From time to time it is first encouraged and then radiated into the environment somehow the conversation is recorded. They have too much trouble getting it mentally.
– Husband live in a part of the house where he has also hire some babas. All this is being done to upset him.
– The police for help, but found with the accused.
– The ongoing work in grassroots practices of police officers are not trying to understand.

Police have registered a case after the assurances

– Married to police action was furious. They are talking about introducing SP policemen, but he did not. Their complaint is that the police was not taking action.
– Authorities in the closed-door meeting. Li renewed the complaint. Then Yashveer, these two uncles filed a case against the boys and another friend.
– After a complaint Going SP came down and talked to the woman exposed to a case. They also are investigating the case from police officers in front of the married woman gave instructions to take seriously.
– SP assurances arose from the woman lay. By that time, most mini Sekriteriatt was empty until the cows come home.

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