Piyanka Chopra charged Rs. 3 crore for item song

Priyanka ChopraPiyanka Chopra had charged Rs. 3 crore for item song Babli Badmash in film Shootout at Wadala.Bollywood stars and their starry demands aren’t an unheard fact. While the many A-listers of Bollywood charge astonishingly high prices for their films, there exist a certain genre that fetch way more money than you can ever imagine, for a cameo of not more than 5 minutes. That’s right!
We’re referring to the not-so-new trend of Bollywood films, the ‘Item Songs’. While many claim it was the yesteryear actress, Helen who began the trend of dancing to raunchy numbers in films, the trend was set to motion only by the late 90’s.
This was the time when the song-dance sequence of commercial films was taken away from the hands of the main cast and fell into the bag of other stars that have no said role in the film. While many of these cameos were mainly done with the intention of luring a certain number of audiences, it seemed to work wonders for films that had no story line what-so-ever.
Right from sporting skimpy clothes, to dancing to the tunes of peppy numbers, not just were the songs an instant hit among the masses, but the otherwise dud story came into the spotlight as well. As a result, several filmmakers adopted this procedure to gain numbers at the box-office.
Before one realised, the raunchy numbers went from item girls to top leading actresses of the industry. And when it’s an A-lister one chooses for a cameo, the sum charged cannot be small either, can it now!
So while the huge amount charged by Bollywood A-listers make us question their wealth, take a look at how much these stars charge for peppy item numbers. And when you’re done, rest assured, we’re with you in feeling equally poor as well!
Malaika Arora Khan, the item queen has been reigning bollywood for years now. Having come a long way from her first song, ‘chaiya chaiya’ from ‘Dil Se’, the diva now earns in crore for her cameo. A wealthy item queen this one!
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