When dead person came alive on funeral pyre

chitaSuperstitious beliefs and practices abound in our country on account of poverty and illiteracy. These are capable of ruining the society to the utmost extent and a young life was recently lost due to such beliefs.

In a shocking incident on 26th July, a young man in a village in Raisen district, presumed to have died from snakebite, rose up from his funeral pyre as soon as it caught flames. Although he was taken to hospital after gaining consciousness, his life could not be saved. The villagers also used the services of a Tantrik, which worsened the situation.

A snake bit 23 year old Sandeep (the above menyoung man) on 24th July while he had gone to collect some wood from the forests. As he discussed the incident with his family, they took him to a tantrik situated in Vidisha district’s Sihod village.

However, the tantrik’s treatment proved ineffective and the poor guy was assumed to have lost his life.

The villagers remained unsure of the means of getting rid of the dead body. Some people claimed that people who died of snakebite should be buried, instead of being burnt. A grave was also dug for Sandeep’s body as per this view.


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