Where women are allowed to keep multiple husbands

wodabe tribe Every country and community has some traditions that outsiders find hard to believe but that are perfectly normal to the natives. What is acceptable at home may be considered bizarre to the foreigners. While most of these stem from superstitions, there are others that have logic behind them. No matter how they originated, there is no second opinion that all of these are downright bizarre.

We have compiled a list of such traditions from around the world that are so weird that you will have a hard time believing they are true.

Africa’s Wodaabe tribe has one such odd tradition. Here men put on a spectacular show to steal each other’s wives. They dress up elegantly to impress other women and also perform a mating dance in the hop of stealing the woman.

Women in the tribe can have sex with as many men as they desire before they are married and they are also free to have multiple husbands. Well, we think the Wodaabes are the most sexually liberated community. What do you think?

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