Where women openly drink beer

beerIndore / Alirajpur. MP’s tribal district these days seem to be in a different color. The color of the beer Srur. Toddy palm tree out of the place and country liquor are now addicted to beer tribals. Aboriginal women are openly visible drank beer straight from the bottle and beer are beginning to round up the murder. Whiskey and beer party are shedding blood for the tribal …

– Toddy drinking too old tribal custom. After settling of the work day or evening toddy made from Mhua alcohol is common in tribal folk dance.

– Aboriginal women in society with men have been drinking toddy, their drinking is not considered wrong. As aboriginal people have been exposed to the cities, as well as their long toddy liquor was introduced.

– The last two-three years, Dhar, Jhabua and Alirajpur tribal unwind, are fond of country liquor instead of beer. They feel this way addiction is beer that beer consumption in Jhabua and Alirajpur is more than a city like Indore.

– The crowd of women on liquor stores are now common. Aboriginal women often drink beer straight from the bottle or by hand are seen. It is very common in the villages of Alirajpur sight.

– Beer is the cause of violence. In the past, a tribal village of Alirajpur Sorwa arrow killed his friend. Friend fault was that he had not called him a beer party.

– ALIRAJPUR SP Saurabh Kumar said the police is making crime a social study. Accordingly, in the past 3 years, about 35 per cent of the crimes due to drug abuse.

– Drunk by women due to crime are also increasing. Sociology Professor Dr. Meenakshi Swami says toddy drinking age-old practice of women in Aboriginal culture, that their consciousness was not zero. First and adversity very formidable weapon in the tribal women lifted. This is why very few cases of crimes by women were aboriginal, but the graph of crime in the area is growing rapidly. The rising graph of direct connection with the consumption of beer is visible. The government should ban the sale of alcohol in the tribal areas.

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