11 years old boy tells story of re-birth (punaj janm)

Punar JanmJaipur. A 11-year-old boy in Rajasthan Hanumangarh memories of his past life has surprised everyone by telling. According to the parents, the child was 2 years old when just telling these things since then. As he grew, there were memories and deep. Insisting that one day he went to meet the parents of his previous life. He knows when he married his wife, then the other has to be silent. Read the whole story of 9-year-old boy’s past life …

– Scissors at Ganganagar 14 kilometers from the chuck 23 mL Dhani. Manpreet Kaur and Singh are here beaker. In 2005 the son’s home on September 19 sparked the beaker and Manpreet Singh. Gurpreet his name was called.
– 2-year-old Gurpreet said only that it is not his home. His parents are no more. His wife is one. Mother aware of operating to Delhi Gurpreet’s father was working.
– Time passed by. Gurpreet’s been 11 years now in 6th grade reading.

– Recently Gurpreet ware house near the Dhani was to deliver tea to the workers. There, she meets a man was Khunick village.
– Gurpreet things-things tell the whole story of her prenatal said.
– Gurpreet fact, according to his former life in the village was Khunick.
– Khunick from visiting his village told the man about it.

This is the story of the child before birth

– 23 ml of Gurpreet Dhani said his village, but Khunick (singhpura) is. A few years ago he died crushed under the tractor. One of his brothers is Jnta.
– Gurpreet Khunick reached the village, it said. Gurpreet brother out of her past life and found the house. And her entire family, including his village.
– Gurpreet Kaur and his previous birth parents Kartar Singh Gill recognized saint.

Gurpreet’s father said that all prenatal shocked

– Sadhu Singh Gurjant Singh and his two sons were Gursewak Singh.
– Manju’s market Kancia Gursewak was small and had a quad Workshop store.
September 1 – 2002 (Sunday) Gursewak repairs after a tractor trolley was going to get her.
– The way the tractor overturned and he died he was buried under her.
– Then aged 22, had Gursewak.
– His marriage had been too. Gursewak who after the death of the girl’s parents had him married to another person.

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