4 saal ki bachhiyon ki shadi, police ne dawish di to family farar

child marriageGangrar Cittudgdh-. Jaysinhpura village two days ago in the same area of ​​the house has two minor daughters get married as a bride. The case came to light after investigation, has to come into action administration. Family house vanishing point feature revealed another case Hankjanen …
The four year old girl in Budh Jaysinhpura -gram panchayat was reported to be married.
-Applications In social media and in the case of viral Uri sleep after the administration to determine the veracity of the official Lwajma Jaysinhpura ran.
Until then, the police officer concerned family arrived home found no one there.
– Some have suppressed the voice of girls admitted to being married.
On the night of April 17 -16 Jaysinhpura Sugna married Sangeeta and four years.
Even minor -dulhe
Taking Prasngyan -mahila Commission also drill down on media reports began.
Here Awareness Workshop 21
Akshay Tritiya and May 21. On May -nau Baisakhi Purnima level grass-roots level to prevent child marriage plans.
The one-day training workshop supervisors -mahila Awareness DRDA be in at 11 am on April 21.
Nor let collaborate.
No information on the Control Room
– Child marriage for the purpose of giving information with regard to the complaint or the Department of Women and Child Development office Collectorate premises operated control room had no information on Tuesday.

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