awaidh sambandhon ka pata chalne par Granthi ne bahu ko maar kar gutter main phaink diya

Jalandhar (Punjab) Kyhan his widowed brother-in-law killed two years ago had thrown him into the gutter. The crime has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Brother-in-law’s assassination told her illicit relationship with two men. Such was the murder of …
April 2014-speak of. Punjab earth citizens Mohinder Singh, head priest brother-in-law’s murder zombies Kamalpreet Kaur threw in the gutter.
-mahinder Singh said that Scotty had come to call her daughter. Then he took her into the room with the camp.
-usse Two men asked about the relationship. She believed were in a relationship. Kolddrink drink first and then strangled her and killed her.
After -htya cut her clothes with scissors and burned fields. He was afraid that would be identified by the clothing. While he was gone, leaving the body.
When the evening came again -andera camp. Body pulled and dragged from the room by himself and thrown into the gutter.
-priwar Did not know anything. When the first call came from the police, he came to know that he will be caught, so tell the truth himself.
Brother gave it to the SMS was sent killer
According to the police hospital nurse Patel Ranjit Kaur April 4, 2014, the police had complained that his sister is missing Kamalpreet Kaur.
-He Was with Gagan nephew on Scotty, but had left him on the way. Eight police station SHO Bimal Kant had started investigation of kidnapping registered form.
Investigation under Bolina village head priest of the Dera Baba Mohinder Singh Ji Ram Bhagat said. But they denied that he has no idea where Kamalpreet Kaur.
-kmlpreet’s Husband died 6 months ago. SHO Mohinder asked the roundup that was Kamalpreet with him so he began to refuse.
-saco Adopted brother Prince sent from the mobile Kamalpreet Kaur showed the SSM.
-jis Wrote that he and brother Mohinder is going to have any problem if it were to immediately pick up the phone.
-mahinder Did not respond to any of this. Kamalpreet Mohinder Kaur admitted that he has killed.k

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