family members protest with dead body of woman in deep freezer

protestJind. Uchana village in Jind district of Haryana, a woman committed suicide by consuming poison. Woman’s death his family fiercely performed. The woman’s dead body in a freezer in the market with the protest. The people outside the police station and put jam on Rohtak Road. How were Protest …
– With banners and marching with the dead body and do not cause people raised slogans daughter.
– One of the things in the country are being Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, not to create another daughter and they were talking about.
– These people have been charged with the girl’s in-laws were harassing him and put him on the rail line were poisoned.
– People have alleged that police are not taking any action. So they were trying to awaken the government from performing.
– Protest autopsy of the dead body after the police and the girl’s father made a complaint against her husband for four people, including a case of suicide is to force.
– Acting Police arrested the accused husband and father.
– Women have two children, a seven year-old girl was the mother of a three year old son.
House laws were shackled
– Grasses Jind Jind village girl married Ritu Tendulkar was the only living Uchana.
– Ritu (30) uncle Rakesh Kumar said that since then, her husband married his niece, mother in law, sister-in-law are harassed her for dowry.
– The number of times the police complaint. The agreement was in the panchayat.
– The girl’s uncle, said his niece from her husband four days Sachin other laws was held captive in the home hungry and thirsty.
– He poisoned her on Sunday dumped on a railway line. After they arrived home from his niece somehow been reported. He was then admitted to a private hospital in the city and died early Monday.
– The police did not take action against the culprits. This has landed them on the street.
– Ritu’s not due to unfit statement

– Are investigating the case ASI Kuldip Singh Ritu Alarmed at the private hospital to admit Jind had come to take her statement. But the statement could not be unfit.
– The police on the statement of his father Sachin her husband, mother in law, sister-in-law to the case against him to commit suicide has been registered.
– Kuldeep Sachin said the woman’s husband is arrested his father. Police has not been any negligence.

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