girl and boy students were living as husband-wife, arrested

studentBadarwas / Gwalior. The couple rented two couples who like antics landlord suspected he saw. The police have been raiding the Class 10 student, 16-year-old had two girls. What was the matter …
-bdrwas Police on Wednesday afternoon in the home of the town’s living Gwalior Keru Namdeo escaped by fleeing to couples caught. Although a young man fled from there.
July 20, two young men from Gwalior -biti Class 10 and two minor girls were brought caresses-abductor mother married in the temple.
Fled -yhan Bdrwas district were living in the apartment of the Keru.
-Where And caught them on notice of the police informant, a man flee because there was stuff he was taking the market to which this young man had escaped police custody by police could not.
Arjun taxi driver escaped
-Information On July 20. According to the guard, 19 year resident Pritam son Mahendra inlets Gudha Gudi Gudi Gudha Naka Gwalior and his friend Arjuna Botham 21 Class 10 student, two students were seduced away from home.
On July 21, police and relatives complained -jinki Gudha Gudi Kanpu was lodged.
The police investigation into the incident was being investigated. Pritam Plledari guard of these young men who have been arrested by the police Bdrwas. The taxi driver is absconding Arjun.
Gwalior come to the temple after the wedding Bdrwas
Pritam disclosures made to the police, the accused man said he and his friend Arjuna guard Mandhre mother temple of Gwalior Class 10 student of 16 years married with two girls came Bdrwas.
-yhan Ghosipura Karu Namdeo house in the neighborhood of three days were living as man and wife.
The police said that his actions and his landlord suspected Karu namdev incident police.
When the police arrived at the scene, he found both minors Pritam guard. Take hold of the police station said.
At the same time, another young man was -jbki Arjun baggage. Police custody because he could not.
Gwalior police policing the event information. ASI from the station Gudha-Gudhi Prabha Sharma Gwalior Shivpuri came and took the two minors to take with you.
Information provided on raiding
-bdrwas SHO pp Mudgal said that two suspects were reported to us by Karu Namdeo couple have been living in their house rent.
-When Police arrived to investigate the matter to be disclosed. A young man is in police custody and the other is on the run.

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