Husband travels 105 kms carriying wife on shoulder

wifeRanchi / Devgrksravni Fair coming Kanvrion Deoghar are seeing many more colors. Water rose as Krishna Baba Bhole Nath is no. So many Cavaria together with long Kanvr Baba Nagri are accessible. Babanagri arrived on Wednesday surprised everyone was looking at a man. Indeed, a Shivbkt his disabled wife on the shoulder and offered water sit 105 km away. Bholebaba arrived about 54 feet long, the man of Kanvr
– Please tell the Patna Shivbkt wife can not walk away from that.
– She was the wife of the great desire to come to the court of Baba.
– To fulfill his desire in Sultanganj laid him on the shoulder and with water.
– 105 km and the water rose Bholenath Baba.
– Please tell everyone to be in the way of Babdham Kanvrian Shivbkt to see this was going to stop.
– Meanwhile, a group of 54-feet long Kanvr Kanvrion from Patna reached the Babadham.
– 10 years with the group, so long Kanvr water are offered.
Devotees came as Krishna temple
– Taking water from Sultanganj Krishna in the guise of a devotee of people thronged to see.
– Krishna became the man to see other Shivbkt were stopped.
– On Wednesday, the highest this year, the water rose Kanvrion Bholenath Baba.
– Monday, running water took most Cavaria Wednesday arrived Deoghar.
– The trend continued till late evening Jlarpn.
-Stay, Kanvria Kanvrion intermittent path also continued to arrive.

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