Lover kills girl, staged drama of suicide

Ludhiana (Punjab) Kyhan recently killed was a pregnant girl. Were initially charged at the flat owner. Was told that the girl was killed by throwing down from the fourth floor. Now the case as investigations unfolded. No, not the girl’s murder was her lover Manoj. After the murder brought the corpse thrown down from the lift …
– Manoj murder of pregnant girl he married was not thrown from the fourth floor, but was bowled by bringing down the murder after the body lift.
– After this drama, the girl was falling from the top of the noise. Police said the girl has committed suicide.
– Flats, a young man who works in the Labour accused was seen standing near the dead body.
– Lack of a single drop of blood from the corpse before the case seemed suspicious.
– The police boss Naresh Tangdi apartment and his son against him, including conspiracy to murder the father and son on charges filed Form was detained.
– Accused Inspector Manoj Singh and Inspector Mohammad Jameel Rajwant team arrested him, the accused was preparing to flee for fear of the police.
– Rupinder Kaur Sra ACP revealed the case against the accused on charges of murder, rape and other than a case has been registered under sections.
– The police remand of the accused will be produced in court on Thursday.
During the work made in both physical relationship
– ACP Rupinder Kaur Sra flats during the investigation, said some people who work in the police, was detained for questioning.
– The sale of labor to work in a young man explained that he had seen the accused was standing near the dead body.
– When the police summoned the accused to the police station so he did not. Even a day after the incident the accused to come to work and left their master pretended to be sick.
– Suspected the accused called the police again and vigorously questioned the accused told the whole truth.
– The accused told interrogators that he has been working for 10 years in sale and has a son and a daughter
– The girl also worked for some time in the flats. The friendship of the two said. Meanwhile, both physically became concerned and the girl became pregnant.
– The girl was accused to press for marriage. The accused did threaten relocation if she did not marry him, then the police would complain.
– The accused was afraid that if she told the police that his brother or the result will be bad.
So the girl’s murder
– The day of the incident he was on duty early. She looked forward to. As soon as he came to work, the accused went after him.
– Accused the elevator stopped on the fourth floor and the girl took a flat on the pretext of negotiations.
– Accused the girl of the abortion argument. During the debate, the accused assaulted the girl began.
– Accused the girl’s arm, bending his head hit the wall several times. The girl fainted.
– Engaged in the paint roller with sharp object, hit her neck and then kicks him in the stomach until he kills not dead.
– Then he took him in the elevator legs and hair pulling. Once on the ground floor to the stairs he took her by pulling. Feel that the girl committed suicide by jumping from the top of.
– During the investigation, police recovered hair were stuck in the elevator and flats also had blood stains on the wall.

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