Rs one lakh sold with raddi, how recovered

raddiLikhmisar (Ganganagar) money to conceal a woman of that time was overshadowed when he sold them with trash. Toli flea and took home the trash. When they go home to Czech goods also became afraid. Kbadion the night did not tell anyone …
– Ganganagar, Bikaner highway incident Suratgarh Tehsil Chak 15 Sjiar village is located.
– The two young Surendra Verma and shankaralaal Verma Likmisr village rushed to buy junk. Tempo stopped in front of the home of two teenage Badu asked to sell junk.
– Kishore’s wife brought home from taking junk. There was trash and old books. They take money for junk Tulwakr.
– Surendra Shankar and come home in the evening with a cartoon books have matched junk goods worth 500 and 100 turned out Gdidyan. It turns out to count the amount of Rs one lakh.
– They did not talk to anyone all night and morning along with the people of the village and its owner have reached the village of Chak 15 Sjiar returned.
They had to work hard to find the real owner

– However, villagers and these must find the real owner had to work a little. Because he was brought from the villages trash.
– The amount they received in cartoons, books kept in juvenile Poonia was named Shalu Dohiti of Badu. Accordingly, the amount granted
Both boys are less than God to me …
– Farmers juvenile Badu said Rs one lakh had arranged for payback.
– These days, there are more incidents of piracy in the region in terms of security, so this money put in by the wife cartoon books.
– Junk after a lakh courage had broken. Did not expect that will refund.
– In favor of boys I will be able to last a lifetime. My two boys are less than God.

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