Take care of revolver says suicide note of killed

In a tragic incident, an ex-navy officer shot himself on 20th June with his favorite revolver. However, the authorities were astonished as the man’s suicide note instructed his wife to take great care of the revolver.

The suicide occurred in Jodhpur’s Rajasthan and the cops are still trying to find out the reasons. As per sources, the deceased Himmat Singh had retired from navy and used to run a medical store in the city. Cops have questioned his family and relatives and are still examining the suicide note.

Himmat gave some detailed instructions to his wife in the suicide note. She was compared to a lioness as he praised her for fulfilling her responsibilities to the utmost extent. He further requested her to make their son, Jitu a commissioned officer who will make the country proud.

He was highly attached to his revolver and the note gave further indications to the fact. He further believed that his soul will always reside within the revolver and urged his wife, Suman Kanwar to renew its license from time to time.

How did the incident unfold?

Himmat’s family including his wife and son had gone to a village. His wife, was astonished when he asked them to stay in the village during a telephone conversation.

Suman became suspicious after the phone call and rushed home as soon as possible. However, as no one opened the door, she urged her relatives to come to the rescue.

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