Sushma Swaraj ridiculed on Twitter

Writer Mahasweta Devi, best known for works such as Hajar Churashir Ma(Mother of 1084), Rudali (which was made into a well-known movie by Kalpana Lajmi), andChotti Munda Evam Tar Tir (Chotti Munda and His Arrow), died in Kolkata today. She was 90.

 Several political leaders paid tribute to her on Twitter.

Among them were Prime Minister Narendra Modi, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

The demise of Mahashweta Deviji is the end of a literary era. /1

However, Swaraj, in her second tweet (which has now been deleted) got confused between Mahasweta Devi and another writer– late Ashapurna Devi.


Both ‘Pratham Pratishruti’ and ‘Bakul Katha’ that apparently left a ‘lasting impression’ on Swaraj’s life are by Ashapurna Devi.

Twitter noticed immediately and corrected the minister.

@SushmaSwaraj Those two books were written by Ashapurna Devi, NOT Mahasweta Devi, Ma’am. @MEAIndia

@SushmaSwaraj @perfectprakriti those r not written by Mahasweta Devi ..those r written by Ashapurna Devi..??…awesome trilogy..❤️

@onnightduty aha rey bechari @SushmaSwaraj, Ashapurna Devi ar Mahasweta Devi-r difference jane na ..

The minister, then, deleted the tweet.

Unfortunately for Swaraj, nothing is untraceable on the Internet.

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