90-year-old woman returns to life 10 hours after death

Khurja (​​Bulandshar-India) A 90-year-old woman has come back to life 10 hours after death. Being told that the woman was killed July 25 in the evening, but after 10 hours of death, and she returned to his breathing became alive again. The woman said that Yamraj himself brought her back.

– 90-year-old Kaila Devi hails from village Bagrai in Khurja.

– On the morning of July 25, her health was going bad and all the efforts of his family, drugs and even prayers were failed and she died.

– The whole family came to perform here list rites. People gathered around the village and clan and funeral preparations began.

– Kaila Devi’s body was put on ice because some relatives had to come from outside.

– After 10 hours have passed, and then the bodies of relatives were taken to the crematorium.

– Meanwhile, the body of Kaila Devi suddenly came to life. He began to speak, then there stirred.

– The bier was lowered them hurriedly habitation of mortals to them to leave him for he came back to himself.

Cali boasts seen an account of papers

– Kaila Devi claim is true or not, this could not be confirmed.

– Hundreds of people in the village Kaila Devi witnessed the dead alive.

– People say that 4 people had come to pick them up, one of which was shaven.

– Kaila Devi claimed that they hell they came from, where papers were also accounted for.

– Then told that they were still living, because they have some time to rest.

– Kaila Devi all shocked to hear the claims. Village elders are beginning to see them arrive.

– Kaila village doctor even while alive and after death he was given the drug came to Czech.

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