Determined Super Mom Zoya’s tale of sacrifices and success


ZoyaZoya Khan’s heart rending story can move anyone. Her journey from an orphanage to being one of the most sought after contestants of reality show DID Super Moms is one of grit and determination. Know more about this 25 year old mother from Dehradun.

Zoya’s life is a tale of determination and victory over misery. At 18, her elder sister died. She sacrificed and marriage his brother-in-law who was twice his age so that sister’s children can be brought up.

Dance India Dance Super Mom is a platform that every mother want to be at. But shaking your legs after marriage is not that easy, as lot of things change for a woman. But there is someone Uttarakhand Moms are proud of. They may not have participated at DID Super Mom competition, but feel satisfied that someone from among them made them and whole Uttarakhand proud.


Zoya Khan, who represented Uttarakhand at the first season of the DID Super Mom, was among the top four finalists at the competition. Her achievement brought similes for the Uttarakhand, and disclosed that Uttarakhand moms have the potential to deliver at such a big stage like DID Super Mom.


Zoyas life have changed over the time after DID participation. She now enjoys a celebrity like status and is loved by Uttarakhand people. Life has taken a u-turn for her, with lot many shows coming her way and is regularly been invited by people for something or the other.


After DID fame Zoya is missing out on number of things, which she earlier did without obstacle. Zoya like shopping a lot. Every Eid she use to visit market for shopping and buy some suits or other things for herself.


But ever after DID season one completed, she is finding it hard to shop during Eid, Why? Because now people recognize her, they are not interested in selling things to her but instead want to get their photos clicked with her. The time Zoya use to spent shopping is now consumed by her die heart fans to click Photos and have long talks with her. Zoya is not left with any option but to hide her identity before going in public. But she is loving the love people have for her.


Seeing her interest in dance her husband supported her to pursue dance. And it was because of her husband support that she participated in DID audition. It was a life changing journey for Zoya. She has never thought that she would rise to such a level at the competition.


Her dance teacher, Manju Srivastav was particularly happy with what Zoya did. She never charged dance fee from Zoya, and taught Zoya what she wanted to learn, for a year. After receiving such a benevolent teacher Zoya was ready to take the competition head on.


During her DID journey she not only learned but mastered some tough dances like Kathak, Western and others. She performed Malkham, under water dance and Bhoot Dance which were highly challenging to perform, any mistake could have resulted in severe injury. But her determination and focus helped her deliver accurately during these performances.


At DID Super Mom Session One, she learned a lot about expression and graceful movements of body and other such things. Her facing the audience at the DID was a thrilling experience for her.


Now Zoya is acting as a judge at the audition of DID Super Mom session two. She is in Dehradun presently selecting contestants on their caliber and performance, for DID Super Mom Session Two.


Her only wish is that someone from Uttarakhand lift the DID Super Mom Session two trophy. She feels that Uttarakhand moms have the potential and could do exceedingly well at platform life DID.


Box:- Today audition for DID Super Mom were held at SGRR Patel Nagar, Dehradun. The audition was participated by hundreds of enthusiastic mothers from across Uttarakhand. There were two levels that mother had to pass, before getting selected for the final round that would be held at Delhi.

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