Flood afftected eating rats at Rs. 40 per kg

ratSaharsa/Nepal incessant rains in Bihar’s Saharsa district flood water has also entered. Many villages in the district, which are surrounded by water on all sides of the Kosi. Food for people living in the village also has been difficult to arrange. Slkhua block district banahi village people do not eat cereal. The village is surrounded by water on all sides, which makes it difficult to get something from the outside. People here are in a rat eating appetite. Rs, Forty per kg is selling mouse …
One hundred home is filled with flood water around the village, which is difficult to bring out provisions. Used to water because of the large number of mice seek refuge on higher ground have reached the village. Grains and vegetables not meet the conditions of the village people also made a deal with the rats in their diet. People are forced to eat it. Some day in the rain surrounded the village and catch the rat in her expensive prices are selling at Rs 40 a kg.
10-12 kg of rats throughout the day and can help victims
Lord plain village, wine, plain, plain Ramotar, Google, plain and simple Ramvichar say three days is not a means to get out of the village. Grain or other stuff is so rare. Helplessness of man that he is forced to eat rat. Bechan plain say 10-12 kg rat grabs throughout the day. Bechan like dead rat and also sell and not sell the house by making it eat.

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