How Dayashankar Singh was arrested from Buxar (Bihar)

LUCKNOW: Expelled BJP leader Dayashankar Singh on Friday was arrested in a joint operation by UP and Bihar Police from Buxar in Bihar.

Dayashankar Singh had gone in hiding after an FIR was lodged against him by the BSP workers under the SC/ST Act for his derogatory comments against Mayawati.

The complaint, which was lodged by national secretary of BSP Mewalal Gautam, alleged Singh’s remarks in Mau on July 20 had hurt the feelings of BSP workers and the Dalit community across the country and that they were aimed at provoking them.

Singh had said that “Mayawati is breaking the dream of Kanshi Ram into pieces. Mayawati is selling tickets like a…

“Mayawati gives tickets for Rs one crore and if there is someone who can give Rs 2 crore than she sells it for Rs 2 crore within an hour. If someone is ready to give Rs 3 crore by the evening, she gives the ticket to him. She is even worse than a sex-worker,” Singh had said.

Singh, who was state BJP vice president, was expelled by the party for six years in the wake of the storm triggered by his remarks against the BSP supremo.

Singh was recently spotted at a Shiva temple in Jharkhand’s Deoghar district. Photographs of Singh have surfaced online after a priest who helped him with the darshan uploaded the picture on his Facebook account. It was deleted later.

Singh was criticised for drawing parallels between Mayawati and a sex worker while accusing the former chief minister of selling party tickets ahead of the Uttar Pradesh polls. Singh’s comment caused a huge furore inside and outside Parliament, forcing the BJP to expel their party leader for six years. An FIR was filed against him by BSP following the incident.

Singh’s family members claimed harassment by BSP members and threatened to file an FIR against them. A Bihar Court subsequently ordered an FIR against Mayawati and other BSP leaders for ‘inflammatory’ comments on the whole episode.

BSP also claimed that Singh made derogatory references to Mayawati as part of a “planned conspiracy” of the BJP to cover up the ‘atrocities against Dalits’ in Gujarat.

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