Rape accused was not Indian cricketer

The Indian cricket team’s tour of Zimbabwe was hit by a controversy after the Zimbabwean media had reported the arrest of an unnamed Indian cricketer on rape charges. However, it was revealed later that the accused wasn’t a cricketer or an official from the team but 2 Indian men alleged to be affiliated with one of the sponsors of the ongoing India Zimbabwe series.

Ministry of External affairs had earlier refuted claims regarding any Indian cricketer being arrested on charges of the heinous crime. Further, it has been also cleared that the arrested people are not associated with the Indian cricket team.

The two accused have been identified as Rajkumar Krishnan, a businessman based in Zambia and Krishna Satyanarayan, associated with ITW sports. Investigation thus far has revealed that the girl was based in South Africa and had reached Harare to attend a funeral. The cops have confirmed that the woman was raped. Furthermore, the accused were taken to court and remanded in custody on June 19.

As per the police, both the accused were staying at Meikles hotel where the incident occurred. The confusion regarding Indian players’ involvement had occurred as the team was staying at the same hotel.

India’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, R Masakui has described the incident as an unfortunate one. He explained that the Indian embassy in Harare was seeking Counsellor’s access to the arrested people.

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