What happened when brother married sister

India is a country of extremes. On the one hand, there are the big and glitzy cities where rule of law is predominant and everything systematic. On the other hand, there is the vast countryside and rural areas where tribal and rural administrations dominate proceedings.

In Jharkhand’s Chaibasa, a young woman of 24 had a yearlong affair with her cousin and married him after becoming pregnant. This however, did not go down well with tribal customs and a tribal assembly has openly threatened to burn the couple alive if they don’t leave their village (Mauja Mughadighiya).

Such ridiculous declarations and open threats of murders once again expose the hollowness of our society. On the one hand, we talk of a tolerant society and an ancient culture. However, on the other hand, any group or individual can easily proclaim themselves above the law of land and threaten people with dire consequences.

Is it a crime to love someone or marry according to one’s own wishes in an independent country? Why can’t our society protect lovers and understand that as adults they have a right to take their own decisions. Silence of law-enforcement institutions is another reason that kangaroo courts and rural administrations are able to run their dictates.

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