4 dead bodies found in different rooms

Investigation into the cold-blooded murders of four members of the family in Ludhiana’s BRS Nagar have revealed that it was Sandeep Singh Mangat who shot his family members to death before shooting himself with his licensed .315 bore rifle in the wee hours of Friday.

The deceased include 50-year-old Mangat, his wife Aman Kaur, Mangat’s mother Bachan Kaur and Sandeep’s 17-year-old daughter Dinaz, who was a student of Class 11.

Police have recovered the weapon and bullet shells. Statements of 15-year-old maid servant, Pinky, who lived with the family and survived the murderous spree, and recovery of the weapon from the crime scene led the police to reach this conclusion.

Police said that Mangat was embroiled in an ongoing property dispute within the family. Estranged family relations and the ongoing property dispute upset Mangat, who was known to be very short-tempered.

He first shot his wife Kaur, followed by his daughter in the bedroom on the upper floor of the house.

Mangat then threatened Pinky to go away or face death, following which she ran to the second floor of the house.

Soon after, Bachan Kaur returned from the gurudwara. Mangat shot her before shooting himself.

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