Foot passengers are now allowed on this bridge, why?

chambal bridgeDholpur, Rajasthan: Have you ever witnessed a bridge, which can be a nightmare for the authorities? There’s a strange story associated with a bridge in Dholpur city which forces the law agencies to constantly monitor it.

It perhaps qualifies as the only bridge in the country which citizens are not permitted to cross on foot. People are usually perplexed when the cops stop them from doing so and instead send them via trucks or other passing vehicles.

So, what’s the reason for this odd behavior by Rajasthan cops? Why do they keep such a close eye on the pedestrians trying to cross the bridge? Why does it give such a headache to the authorities? Well, the article tries to find out some facts associated with the bridge itself.

The Chambal River flows below the bridge and houses a huge number of deadly crocodiles. The cops explain that many people have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge in the river. Further, it becomes impossible to find the dead bodies as the crocodiles gobble them up.

Police officials recount that despite putting nets over the whole river in the past, they were unable to find even the bones of people who died in it. This in turn has spread a fear amongst them and they are suspicious of people trying to walk over the bridge. They further state that the crocodiles relish human meat and devour people jumping in the waters.

As discussed earlier, it becomes a headache for the police as its highly tough to find dead bodies. Thus, they have taken this initiative to save people and their own efforts.

Although the cops have built a check post near the bridge, they remain skeptical of the fact that people can still stop their vehicles in the middle of the bridge to commit suicide.

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