Married close relative wanted to marry girl, threw acid on her face

A highly shocking incident occurred in Arera colony of Bhopal as a college lecturer became a victim of a brutal acid attack. One of her nearest relatives, her brother in law’s elder brother, 34 year old Trilokchand Namdev attacked Shailja Namdev on being spurned by her.

One sided love has destroyed the lives of many youngsters in the country. The recent case is another example of the extremes to which it can force people to commit crimes.

Trilok and Shailja came in contact with each other in June 2015 when Shailja’s cousin sister was married to Trilok’s younger brother Gopi Namdev. The two became close friends and used to meet in Bhopal. However, Trilok who was already married with two kids, aspired to divorce his wife and marry Shailja instead.

Along with time, Trilok became over possessive about Shailja and distances crept between them. He also started discussing marriage with her and threatened her with dire consequences on being ignored.

Trilok’s birthday falls on 22nd June whereas Shailja’s is on 21st June. He wanted to celebrate both their birthdays together but the girl declined. It was a big jolt to his ego and he decided to take revenge on her.

acidHe planned the attack carefully and covered a distance of 550 kilometers from Dongargarh in Chattisgarh to Bhopal with his friend Shubham on a bike. He reached Bhopal on 17 th June and stayed in a hotel. The next day, on 18th however, he spoke to Shailja on phone to gauge her location. Later on, he attacked her with acid on 18th June as she was going to college and fled the scene with his partner.

Shailja was rescued by her neighbors and admitted in Narmada Trauman Center, Bhopal for treatment. The police also acted swiftly in the case and both the accused were arrested from Dongargarh.

A team of 20 policemen were formed under Crime Branch’s Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) which apprehended both the criminals on the morning of 19th June. Both the accused were presented in the court and have been sent to police custody for 5 days.

Such attacks display the patriarchal mindset of men who still consider women as inferior citizens and are unable to understand rejection. The law needs to provide strict punishment to such criminals along with regulating the purchase and sale of acid.


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