Minor girl claims ichccha dhaari nag married her

Raipur. Surajpur village in Chhattisgarh’s 10th student claiming to marry a minor case of wishful serpent student said. Although it is difficult to believe her. The girl said with a wishful serpent Snake (ichccha dhaari nag)took her married to him belong. Assuming the girl herself, the wife of the snake refused to marry someone else is doing. Vermilion is not washed away …

Snake telling me seven lifetimes

– Nearly two weeks ago, a wishful serpent Surajpur district Kskela a minor student residing in the village Junapara Anita had married her by taking her folk.

– Indeed, the minor student claims that evening two weeks ago when he was sleeping in his room at the same time there was a snake, and he took on human form.

– Then a student fainted and his folk took wishful serpent. Where he had married a woman filling her demand vermilion and then sent back to her home.

– When she woke up, her demand was filled vermilion. Students claim that the last two weeks he has not been erased from Vermilion demand.

– While his mother worried about her daughter’s future Krmato her daughter said a few days there was not feeling well, the exorcism was released from treatment.

– The claim of snakes married mother upset over her daughter’s wedding.

– The girl with the back of the house often wishful serpent tells Snake that appears in a relationship for seven births shows.

– Serpent telling myself home to visit often spend our lives telling Snake, and their demand has put vermilion.

– Notably, the woman sought vermilion water is not coming out, while listening to the young woman to marry someone else, there is a red.

– The woman also claimed that the last several lifetimes husband – wife in this life and no one can stop us from becoming.

– In the discussions in the area after the incident, the woman and the crowd of people watching at home lying.

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