Pakistani lover arrested in Madhya Pradesh, will be sent back to Pakistan

pakistaniDewas (Madhya Pradesh) The story may look like filmi, but absolutely true. boundaries between the two countries have come before a Married couple. An Indian girl fell in love with a Pakistani. Leaving everything, he moved to India, aot married here and begot child. Without a visa, he  arrested on charges of being in India. He is a long time in jail. The trial court has sentenced the Pakistani man for a year. In August, the sentence will be completed, Will Pakistani boy be sent back Pakistan?…

– Pakistani man Akbar Shah Durrani (30), father Abdul Bari was living without a visa in Dewas (India) the court sentenced him to a year’s jail.

– Akbar is now in prison, for one year. His jail term will be completed on August 8, 2016.

– The court has also imposed a Rs. According to the rules will be sent to Pakistan on completion of their sentences Akbar.

-Pakistani man Akbar was a mobile phone mechanic and Safia an MA in Economics.

– The two started talking and then they love social media has progressed.

– In view of the poor condition of employment in Pakistan Akbar’s India visa and decided to settle in Dewas.

– To that end, in January 2013 she married the Safia. He began teaching coaching here.

– However, in between the visa rules would have had to return to Pakistan, but he comes back I hiked the visa period.

pakistani– Meanwhile, gave birth to a child Safia. Akbar, the last time was July 11, 2015 to a visa to live in India.

– He found the visa extended period. Says about her father and wife were applied but received no response.

– Here, the visas were not educated, despite the lapse of Akbar and challenge the law sitting.

– He was not their homeland and in Dewas Kharibawdi illegal and quietly stayed with the in-laws.

Safia troubled family do not know what will happen tomorrow?

– Term visa applications to the Home Office and the police department immediately accused the news reached Akbar was arrested.

– Valid visa Foreigners Act of 1946 over whether to arrest under Section 14 of August 8, 2015, where the court was sent to jail.

– When Akbar was imprisoned and her son was only three and a half months. Since then, he is in jail.

– Violation of visa rules in India on charges of illegal Pakistani man convicted and sentenced by the court.

– Here, it is thought that the wife is nervous shock. After sentence the accused would be sent to Pakistan.

– The wife and child now have to stay here. Then the father said to the point of getting a visa, what next, what can you say.

– Daughter will be Pakistan or not, this decision is left at the mercy of time.

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