Sex racket in Rewari hotel busted

rewariRewari. Haryana is a hotel racket came to light. The women involved in the case, the hotel owner and customer presented in court by the police on Thursday. The accused have been remanded in judicial custody by the court. After the incident, often living in the spotlight Thursday on Sea hotel lock hangs appeared. Learn how the case disclose …
– Police were notified that the hotel is on the sea embodied racket.
– Wednesday evening around 6 pm SHO Karmaveer Ktana team arrived at the hotel.
– The hotel was surrounded and entered within the team directly. The police team also locked the main gate of the hotel so no one could not get out of here.
– The police team from the three women in the hotel rooms and find a customer. Sex racket was going on at the hotel.
– Police arrested three women and a customer. Caught customer was identified as Devendra.
– Police in the sex racket run the business owner arrested Vishwamitra. All the accused were sent to jail by the court on Thursday.
Bihar and was brought from Rajasthan Women
– The three women arrested were brought from Bihar and Rajasthan. The women had been living in Gurgaon and Rewari and was acting on behalf of the hotel owner.
– A woman in Samastipur district of Bihar Purnia district is the other. The third woman is Junjhunu district of Rajasthan.
– Hotelier racket under the guise of a customer from charges Rs 1500 was 2,000.

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