Chita main aag lagaayi jo zinda hogaya

Bhopal. On Monday, a young man died from snake bites. However, when people were preparing to burn his funeral pyre, he immediately come to life. He was immediately brought to the hospital. Meanwhile, there was exorcism, but three hours later he died again. At the pyre, seeking water …
– Tuesday in a village in Raisen fiercely pulls between life and death. God is simply the son Sandeep Singh, 23, a resident of the village Kariai San Nktra lived near the petrol pump. Cutting wood in the forest on Sunday during which he was bitten by a snake. It came to his house he told family members. Sihod divine place in the family village of Vidisha district rushed to get her exorcism. He died in the night. Sandeep’s body then the family returned to the village. Also derived from his last visit to the village cremation ground.
Raised before the funeral …
Sandeep embarking on cremation pyre was put to him were the bodies. His funeral was underway, when the family of the deceased heard him scream, and it watered down from the pyre. Then again, her family rushed to Sihod village of Vidisha. People go to the hospital instead of exorcism with the Panda Sandeep arrived but he was pronounced dead. The young man was in hospital post-mortem. However, despite the death of the young man continued superstition.
The pull and push also left the funeral
– Some people suggested that the man died of snake bite is not lit, but is buried. Therefore, hurriedly dug grave, but this was opposed by some others.
– Finally, the young man was buried rather than burned. According to the victim’s brother Ravi Sen, the villagers had refused to bury.
Father and brother heard screams from the pyre
Cousin of the deceased on the pyre Sandeep Ravi Sen said he had heard a scream. For this reason, it was lowered down from the pyre. This village is said by Gopal Dangi. These people said Monday Sandeep had prepared for the funeral, but his body has come alive again. After coming to know he lived for more than three hours.
Bhagwan Singh, father of the deceased son’s funeral when they were preparing to burn, then I scream son so we took him off the pyre and gave him water. He then took her again Sihod arrived, but there was communicated son dead.

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