Gurdeep Singh converted to Islam in Indonesia to avoid death sentence

gurdeepJalandhar (Punjab)  Nakodar in Jalandhar resident Gurdeep Singh who is facing death sentence in Indoneshia had converted to Islam and called himself as Muhammad Rijal. Indonesia is a Islamic country. Gurdeep married thirteen years younger Muslim Indonesian girl so that his sentence should be reduced. Fell in love prisoner friend’s sister …

– On Saturday, Reuters reported that when he spoke to him when Gurdeep Pakistani agents in the drug trade had dragged them to feel that the future is bleak.

– The first deal was captured and beheaded in the prison was in after someone like angels came Marwati.

– Gurdeep said Marwati Suryaji cousin was in our barracks. Three weeks later a 37-day newborn baby with his wife had come to inquire about her. He lived in the city.

– He was moved to prison when Suryaji second. But then again a few weeks later, his wife was not a soldier came up to me and said that the girl has come to meet you.

– Gurdeep said I came from my family. When I saw the front of a local girl stood up for some food stuffs. He told me he is Kjn of Suryaji. She had a few days ago and he said that you Suryaji friends. Suryaji he shall ask your recent move.

– Gurdeep said I told him I want to talk to his family in India. A mobile phone, soap, under garments can help me then. A few days later, he gave me the help. I’ve asked that the friendship and love Will you marry me.

Gurdeep was love at first sight

– Marwati said Gurdeep was love at first sight. My brother was in another prison. She said that if you can go to inquire of Gurdeep sometimes transported in prison.

– She married me, did not dare do it. She said one day you marry me? I thought a moment and said yes.

– Marwati said the parents and brother of his heart’s desire. they refused. I constantly kept in the family to celebrate a year, again without their consent in November 17, 2005, we got married in prison.

– Gurdeep said the four-day week would meet Marwati to jail and that he did not realize that I am in prison.

– The last 11 years he has been the rounds of the courts to protect me, to meet human rights organizations and government high officials are trying day and night to apologize to my punishment.

– Gurdeep said he is not in my life I lived so many years and is long dead is not alive.

– Marwati married against the family, but was rudely when Ishrat was born October 24, 2008 family members then adopted our relationship. Gurdeep was accepted Islam during the marriage.

– Marwati one kilometer from the prison house was taken on rent.

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