Why woman MP Sasikala slapped MP Tiruchi Siva at Delhi airport

slapTwo MPs from Tamil Nadu came to blows in full public view on Saturday afternoon at New Delhi’s IGI airport as they were about to board a Jet Airways flight to Chennai from Terminal 3.

AIADMK MP Sashikala Pushpa and DMK MP Tiruchi Siva ended up in a scuffle and Kala even slapped Siva after which the CISF personnel intervened & seperated the two quarelling MPs.

According to sources, the trouble began after DMK’s Tiruchi Siva refused to board the plane after realising that AIADMK’s Sashikala Puspa was also on the same flight.

As Siva turned back and started moving towards the exit gates, Pushpa who was being frisked at the security counter rushed towards him and slapped him.

Post the incident, Sashikala Pushpa told Tamil news channels that Siva was allegedly abusing the AIADMK which left her enraged.

Siva meanwhile was unavailable for any comments on the issue.

However, no police complaint has been filed in the case as both of them left the scene immediately.

In May 2016, ahead of the TN elections, controversial pictures of the MPs went viral on social media.

slapTiruchi Siva, the Rajya Sabha MP from DMK, said that as he was returning from the Delhi airport canceling his tickets, he was shocked by Sasikala Pushpa’s attack on him. He said that Sasikala slapped him once.

However, the AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa said that she overcame with emotions as Siva criticized the Tamil Nadu government and Jayalalithaa and that’s why she slapped him four times.

According to sources, the AIADMK MP Sasikala, on learning that Siva was also traveling in the same flight, rushed to him and holding him by his neck, slapped him.

The scuffle got so ugly that CISF personnel had to intervene and separate them.

The passengers were in utter shock to see two reputed MPs behaving in this manner.

Reportedly, the DMK MP exited the airport without making any complaints, while the AIADMK MP too did not board the flight and went back.

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