Woman kills husband, 2 children for illicit relations

MurderA man and his two children were found murdered in their home in Hanumangarh Junction on Saturday morning. The dead have been identified as Shambhu, 44, and his daughter Jyoti, 13, and son Deepak, 10. All three were found lying in a pool of blood when police broke into their house in Housing Board Colony. They were likely stabbed, police said.

Police suspect Shambu’s wife Seema to be behind the crime. Seema is suspected to have had an extra-marital relationship with a man called Sunil, a resident of the same area, the SHO Ranveer Meena said.

Police suspect the murders to have occurred in the past 48 hours. They are currently awaiting an autopsy report.

Read the full story of bloody love …

– The Housing Board Colony in Hanumangarh 30-year-old wife, Rima, and their two children, 38-year-Shanbhusrn lamp (10) and light (12) lived with.

– Shanbhusrn bread supply was working.

– From Bihar Industrial Area near Sunil Shanbhusrn Sourav wife Neelam and two children (10) and Mansi (13) had been living for many years with.

– In such a familiar way of transfer to his home was Shambhu.

– In the absence of Shambhu Rima and Sunil have come closer to each other.

– The last 6 months were in harmony with each other.

– Meanwhile, in the absence of Sunil Shambhu jobs and leave her house and began to spend time at.

Know what it was two in the madness of love

– They were standing in the way decided to remove my family.

– Scheme Shanbhusrn Sunil came home on Friday.

– Here, together Shanbhusrn Sunil’s wife Reema and her throat slit with sharp weapons.

– The two stopped at the receptacle body.

– After killing Sunil went home.

– The next day, his wife and his two children with the Shanbhusrn Sunil came home.

The stench of dead bodies coming from the next planned attack

– At home in the garret smelled off the zombies.

– This Sapphire and her two children started to panic.

– Sunil’s wife and children began to ask how it smells.

– Here, pretending Sunil gave them poison pill. Did you guys look worse. This tablet will not eat the vomit.

– Sunil’s wife got suspicious and he did not poison pill and the children did not eat.

– Sunil Sapphire and two children locked in a room.

– Reema Sunil with your child’s throat slit lamp and light.

– Sunil Sapphire room as soon as he is out of the tears of the children ran away from there.

Sunil’s wife was trembling overnight

– Sapphire is the night trembling with fear. Courage morning told his in-laws about it.

– The Sapphire family reached the police station. Shanbhusrn Neelam told police that three of the dead body in the house is.

– Broken the lock of the police entered the house.

– Three dead bodies were lying in the house and there was a stink.

– Police made both teams started looking.

– Meanwhile, police were reported to be both Abubsar near Haryana.

– On Saturday to 10 pm were both taken into custody.

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