Boy sees homosexual activity in hostel brutally killed

Police have detained three boys of the Ghatshila hostel on Wednesday under suspicion of the murder of 10-year-old Ram Chandra Giri amid the sensational buzz that the boy was killed for being an inadvertent eyewitness to sexual activity involving a senior boy and a 12-year-old girl.

About eight or nine other children are also lodged at Ghatshila thana, but for shelter, as Bethany House where Ram stayed is still sealed.

Though the police are not coming on record to say so, one of the three boys apparently confessed to the reason. Ram had apparently watched the sexual activity at the ground floor of the hostel that fateful night.

“Prima facie, the murder appears to be an internal matter of the hostel,” Ghatshila thana OC Ram Chandra Ram said. “No outsiders were involved,” said OC Ram.

Insiders in the Ghatshila thana revealed that on being sternly interrogated, one of the senior students involved in the murder had given in. “In the small hours of Monday, the 10-year-old boy had spotted a senior boy and a girl in a compromising position in a room on the ground floor. Two more senior boys who were also attached to the girl were present at the spot. Scared, the boy returned to his bed, but the trio had hauled him later and bludgeoned him with a brick,” said the insider claiming anonymity.

Talking to The Telegraph, the officer-in-charge said that the forensic experts were yet to send the finger prints for exam at a Ranchi-based lab.

“Such an exercise for getting fingerprints of any suspect has to be processed through a court of law. We have initiated the process. The fingerprints taken from the hostel boundary will be processed as soon as possible,” said the officer-in-charge.

Priest Mashi Minz and wife Sarita have been set free on Wednesday. The police also returned their cellphones which they had seized while taking the couple into custody on Monday morning.

But, Ghatshila OC said that they were not allowing them to return to Bethany House as the local residents were still very angry with them for running the hostel in a most unprotected way.

Bethany House, the Ghatshila students’ hostel located 60km away from Jamshedpur, had 37 students till June 26. Of these, 10 were girls, including two aged 12. As there are no doors in the rooms, the senior boys had no difficulty in moving around freely in the hostel especially in the night.

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