Gaon jahan pathhar paani main tairtay hain

pathharRadaur. Floating stone in threes villages in Haryana’s peculiar phenomenon these days remains a topic of discussion. These villages Kanjnu, Mohidinpur, Khurd Bhiwani this manner is incident. Those stones are assuming great wonders of swimming event. Women worship stones appeared floating in the water. On Sunday, two massive stone pier Yamuna canal Kanjnu Hankjanen recovered Whence stone …
– Pawan Kumar, sarpanch of the village on Sunday evening and all Kamboj Styadev Senior Secondary school principal Mukesh Shastri Kanjnu village saw two stones floating.
– After which he had knowledge of the villagers. They put stones in the temple out of the canal.
– Being told that a stone weighing 58 to 22 kg turned the other.
– People Devi Temple took two stones. Stone floating in the water to see the stream of people.
– Those stones are assuming great wonders of swimming event. Women worship stones appeared floating in the water.
– Head Pawan Kumar and others reached the temple stones swim event seen with our eyes.
The first was a 45-pound stone in Khurd, Bhiwani
– Stone was brought out to meet the first event Khurd Bhiwani.
– The Ajit Khurd village farm to his father was tea floating in the canal, it appeared rocks.
– Ajit canal by removing the stones to take home. Put in a water tank in the house made of stone.
– Approximately 44.790 kg tank also took a swim instead of sinking stone.
– Stone village to see the influx of people is involved.
– Stone floating in the water of the tank then started Ajit worship.
– Ajit Shiva Shiva as Lord of the Village People are calling it.
Those values ​​are the 60-kg stone Setu
– Karnal district Yamuna river from the village of Mohidinpur 60 kilograms people are coming to see that the stone away from the village.
– River from the stone after seeing people who believed in God would argue that the stones of the Ram Sethu.
– To swim in the water of the alleged miraculous stone weighing 60 kg.
– Some of the village a stone floating in the river and saw the stone brought from the river into the village temple.
– Villagers made a tub of water and left it stone to stone in the water to swim rather than sink was Lgakfir village were surprised to see this miracle.
– Villagers and ordered the stone to weigh fork weight. The stone weighs 60 kg.

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