Helicopter se hawa main liye saat pheri

marriageNagpur / Kolhapur. In Maharashtra, a man uniquely trekking enthusiast has surprised everyone by marrying. The groom and the bride’s hundreds of feet above the ground, in the air, hanging wedding. The priest who conducted the marriage appeared to Mntrochcr ropes binding. The wedding took part in about 100 baraati arrived. Trekking has several hills with the bride and groom …
Tanking is also fond of bride
– The Western Mauten Jaideep Jadhav Hill Riders and hikers of sports and are Maँnbr. They are tracking the last 17 years.
– Paroi Tracker is a resident of the bride, Reshma. Trekking is one of the many hills Daenon together.
– Jaideep they wanted it a few different ways to marry. His mind had to think of air marry.
– Reshma and Jaideep replace the name chosen for the wedding Sevdi.
– When he told his family about it, there was no persuading. Jaideep later everyone had to bow to the insistence of.
Wedding bride and groom arrived to the site of the bullet
– The groom and the bride to the wedding venue bullet came from.
– Jaideep and Reshma, 65 km from the city, 200 feet in the air, hanging between the peaks Jkdhai wedding.
– To chant the priest had to dangle in the air. This unique wedding baraati reached around 100.
– However, due to strong winds at this elevation to the wedding rituals were also difficult.

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