Horrible living conditions of Indian workers in Dubai

filthyDubai is the city of the riches; from huge skyscrapers to the beautiful beaches Dubai has it all. Little did you know the epitome of luxury, money, lavish living has a dark side to it as well? Dubai’s rags who built for the riches that live in conditions we can only imagine have raised a question on humanity. There have been many cases of Indian workers committing suicide in the past and it’s still counting.

These Indian workers have been asking the Indian government to help them come back to India since so long, About 15 Tamil Nadu workers have tried reaching for help from the government, as since months they haven’t been paid at all. The workers accept that their Visa, Labor cards, Resident Identity & contracts have been expired too. The sponsors that took them are not returning the workers their documents as well.

All the workers live in an area named ‘Sonapur’, where most of the Asian including all Indians live. According to labors, their passports are seized the moment they land on the airport. From airport they are sent to Sonapur. Sonapur is not on any official map of Dubai.

The living conditions of these workers are unimaginable, in 12×12 room about 8-10 workers live together and sleep on bunk beds cramped around each other. They have very less for entertainment and their eating conditions are unhygienic too. Unlike any other job, these workers work for about 14 hours a day in scorching sun every day. Many of the workers are working just for the sake of it, they are not being paid and for the sake of sticking together, they choose to work. Nobody could have imagined that the city of the rich arabs could be so unfair to the people who built the city for them.

According to the labors, they get paid about 800 AED (approx. 14,000INR) and send about 500 AED (approx. 9,000) to their families back in India. Dubai labors are living in a heart wrenching situation which is not only exposed to the world but also should be stopped so that other Indians do not make a fool of themselves by separating from their families.


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