Monorail in Mumbai fails, passengers brought out by crane

MUMBAI: The country’s first monorail in Mumbai on Monday morning suddenly worsened. Heavy rain stopped on the track in monorail stranded about 350 passengers and a half hours. The crane had to resort to drive them out. All passengers were evacuated. Power failure caused train stopped ..

– At night, it was raining heavily. Why go from Wadala monorail broke down near Bhakti Park station.

– Being told that, due to the failure of the engine power is bad.

– 6:30 am stuck on the track to remove another monorail train was called.

What is special in the country’s first monorail

– The country’s first monorail between Wadala and Chembur is moving.

– It meets in 19 minutes 8.93 kilometers. Road took 40 minutes.

– It runs every 15 minutes interval. 20 thousand passengers every hour travel.

– The cost of Rs 2,800 crore to build it.

– Each monorail are 4 coaches. 560 passengers can travel in one of these.

– The rent is kept between 5 and 19 rupees.

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