Niece thrown into flesh trade for daughter’s marriage

Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh). Bilaspur town was missing 3 weeks ago a 16 year old minor girl, police recovered from UP. Minor girl relationships in tatters, he questioned the stories narrated. Giving him the job of prostitution was an aunt and her son and daughter to help her do the job. Aunt accused’s daughter, 8 people were arrested, including a minor child. Cast into prostitution for daughter’s wedding …
Daughter and son had had access to the money to the customer
– A woman living in the city Podibhar and his brother-in-law after the death of his innocent niece raised her together.
– But as soon as the aunt to her niece 14 years was thrown into flesh trade. For this he had to take the help of an adult daughter and minor son.
– Aunt raise customer, while her daughter and son had access to the customer was making money.
– After the arrest, the accused said in his statement to the police Rajwade composition aunt he wanted to celebrate the wedding of his daughter. So he began to collect money by making prostitution niece.
Obscene dance referred to the dance bars and parties
– Even old minor girl porn via brokers to dance the dance bars and parties in the State were referred.
– The sad and may upset abominations UP niece ran 3 months ago. Her disappearance was reported after the police team involved in his quest. The girl was found in the state on Thursday.
– Police aunt on her statement Rajwade composition, composition, daughter of Mary and minor son arrested Silvi Schenkl alias.
– Sheila pahuja Also, re-creating Yadav alias Annu, Vijay Shankar Dubey, Raj Das, journalist Akash Sharma has been arrested.
Most people have sent several times
– Accused included two women, including a minor girl to some other town and other places obscene dance bar girls were brought to the UP.
– According to the minor girl’s relationship with her far more than a dozen people have been sent to. Apart from Champa, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh were referred.
– Most people have been sent to him several times. Aunt and her family were keeping frightens it. He was troubled by prostitution because she eloped opportunity.

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