Son Nasir reveals all about comedian Johny Walker

Badruddin Qazi, popularly known as Johnny Walker, was one hell of a comedian the Bollywood industry ever produced this far. The funny man of Bollywood lived a very successful life on and off screen. Having demised in the year 2003, the 79-year-old star left behind his wife, three daughters and three sons.

 On the occasion of the legend’s Death Anniversary, our reporters got up and close with the stars older son, Nasir Khan. In this candid interview, he shares not just beautiful insights of legendary Johnny Walker’s life, but how he was in his personal life as well…

 -How do you remember the popular actor and your doting father, Johnny Walker?

 “My father did not hurt his family or fans, ever! Every time we think of him, it leaves us with a broad smile on our face. It often leaves us with a sense of pride within.

-What do you like the most about him?

 “The most important part will always be his work. A vital part of his life, his work has always been recognized in each of his flicks. The time he was the star, or the time he called it quits, he was respected for his work immensely. I think he has made over 300 films and his work has been appreciated by the public each time.”

-Why was Johnny Walker’s life journey this special?

 “Because his name was never linked to any controversy. I think that there is hardly any actor who has lived his life without any controversies what-so-ever.

-The one thing you’ve learnt from him?

 “Among the many things that he’s taught me, he always laid focus on never demanding for anything. He often said one should heighten their levels to such an extent that the other person is forced to give you the respect you deserve. I consider myself to be very lucky to be his son!”

-The one thing that Johnny Walker desired the most?

 “I remember when three days before his death he revealed, ‘I do not have any more desires. I’ve achieved all that I wanted to and seen much more. God has blessed me with 3 daughters and 3 sons. Even he has showered me with equal blessings.’ Around the time of his death when the media wouldn’t come too close to him, he said, ‘There was a time I liked the media attention. But now, I like the lack of attention more. I have done my work and now it’s time for the younger stars to step up and taste their share of glory and fame!’”

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