4 children urge police to find mother who eloped with paramour

Patna / Bidupur (Bihar) a woman ran away with her lover her leaving husband and four children in Hajipur. Woman attended a wedding ceremony with husband and children was her parents’ house. Here she made an excuse to go out of the house and ran away from them. Kids came to sign the SP …

– The case of Hajipur bidupur station. Kutubpur Saidpur village woman is a mother of four.

– To join the wedding ceremony with husband and children was her maternal village Rampurani Mahua station area.

The market made an excuse and ran to

– Police arrived at the grandmother’s house, the mother of the children spoke of the market.

– He then returned to the market and then they do not return.

– In the case of the woman’s husband lodged the FIR bidupur station.

Police arrived at the office, four children

– Woman, child absconding SP office on Monday arrived.

– Arrived in the hands of the children was a plaque on which was written, let me introduce you to my mother, uncle SP.

– These children became the subject of discussion by the SP office case.

– Time to meet the child and mother, I came to bring the SP appealed.

– Then SP Rakesh Kumar assured soon meet their mother.

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