bid to kidnap girl foiled in Gwalior

Gwalior. Achaleshvar Monday evening at the intersection at the time when the two young men in din forcibly dragging the girl was trying to take. When the girl arrived at the call from her fiance were fired in the air. Alarmed at the furore at the intersection, police reached the place and both sides brought to the police station. If borrowing were seen Kidnap girl missing ….

– Harpreet Singh, Salman Khan and near the temple were passing a Friend achaleshvar Sarika.
– When he saw Hrishankrpurm dwelling Hema Rawat. Hema is a fashion designer, and to open the boutique Salman had borrowed Rs 55 thousand rupees a year ago.
While loading the gun away, Sonu, was working in the house shot, killed 14-year-old stole the gun made criminal, Mrdrldkian bid to become a Don Inspector Uncle please, raise the gun once two
– Instead Hema had Salman Postdeted checks, but later they were bounced. Since then, she was not borrowing repaid.
– Monday, Hema, Salman suddenly appeared and stopped him Harpreet.
– Hema alleged that both attempted to kidnap him while Jumajtki.
– Hema Shinde camp resident immediately calling his fiancee called Abhimanyu Rai.
– Shinde achaleshvar Road 5 minutes on the way to the camp, so Abhimanyu was a partner with the rifle immediately arrived.
– Abhimanyu sees fiance Jumajtki Harpreet and pointed the gun at Salman. It has to be fired in the air in Cinajpti began.
– Information the police reached the spot and the two sides came to the police station. The gun has been confiscated.Bid

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